Solutions for your healthcare facility

For less than a few dollars a day, Q-IN will allow you to create virtual queues for your healthcare facility, process payments over text AND gain access to our SMS marketing platform to promote your business, anytime to your customer list effectively. Use Q-IN to keep your customers safe and to promote your facility and offerings, anytime.

Healthcare facilities are experiencing long lines across the country. Don't you want to do everything you can to keep your customers and workers safe?

Use our SMS Marketing tool to send your customers updates about hours or any other message you want to communicate to them. Having a direct line with your customers will remind them about your facility when they need it most.

Keep your patients and employees safe

  • Provide a safe environment for your patients to check in with our virtual check-in. Use it as a physical line eliminator to your internal check-in system.

Streamline collections

  • Increase your payments collection rate by 10% (co-pay, uncovered insurance portions) via pay by text

Communicate easily and often

  • Communicate with your patient community via text for important updates i.e. vaccination reminders, flu shots, etc

Collect information

  • Get patient information (personal, health, etc) using a safe HIPPA regulated online data collection tool

Enable our SMS based Virtual Queue solution today. It works great as an alternate to having walk-up customers stand outside and wait to check in. Use it for any reason you would normally have people standing in line, in the cold, near each other. It doesn't replace your customer tracking system but instead acts as an anonymous layer to help keep them in a safe virtual line before they check in. It allows customers to wait in their car or any place comfortable and safely before they enter your facility.

Unlock the power of SMS marketing by connecting with your customers anytime, with any message. Use our Virtual Queue solution to build a list of customers and use our SMS Marketing tool to send them messages anytime. You create the messages and you send them whenever you want. We'll even help you send them to the right people.

Collect payments over SMS before your customers arrive or after they leave. Payments are processed safely and securely through our partner SQUARE. Take advantage of a lower card processing fee for charges initiated over SMS.

  • A monthly limit of 3000 visitors. You can carry forward unused messages to the consecutive months within the same year

  • Pay-By-Text for invoices and billing (using a merchant account with our partner SQUARE)

  • Create virtual queues for your facility

  • SMS messaging platform to keep your customers informed

  • ($149 one-time signup fee for tablet + $0.02 for each customer in queue over your 3000 per month or SMS Marketing message sent)


Clinics using virtual queues to eliminate lines outside of their facilities

EMR/EHR Integration

Your patient's first impression of your practice will be made at the time of check-in. It is critical that this initial engagement sets the bar for the patient experience that you are looking to deliver. With Q-IN you can create a frictionless check-in process by allowing patients to get a virtual token and handle all the paperwork before they get into your front desk. Q-IN not only allows for a virtual waitlist it allows you to turn the whole process contactless. We can integrate with any EHR/EMR to locate the patient records to create the patient chart before they arrive at the front desk.

A/R Management

Reduce days in accounts receivable process with our comprehensive integration framework to trigger payment arrears notification via SMS to your patients who owe you money