Are you worried about crowding in your lobbies and looking for a better way to manage the long lines at your facilities or offices?

Ensuring social distancing for face-to-face interactions is a challenge for many public service offices today. For less than a few dollars a day, Q-IN allows you to offer advanced virtual queue management and appointment booking solutions to your customers today.

Q-IN eliminates crowded lobbies and long lines and creates the opportunity for customers to comfortably wait for their turn anywhere they like i.e. car, coffee shop, grocery store, etc. It helps you implement social distancing and provide greater safety and satisfaction for your customers and your workers.

Provide worker and customer safety

  • Create a safer experience for your workers and customers with our virtual queueing experience

Go cashless

  • Offer an online payment option for your customers for a cashless, touchless payment experience. You can add a processing fee to your customer if desired.

Increase productivity by 35%

  • With our simple SMS messaging platform you can send messages to all your customer for payment reminders for tax dues, water bills, etc. No more sending mails out which cost more time and money.

Provide customers a real-time view of any public services office wait-time before they arrive on your website. Customers can reserve their place online or book from your website or kiosk at the office or by simply sending a text message to a dedicated number. It's a great time saver and convenience for public service offices who want a modern solution to keep their customers safe and provide convenience

Unlock the power of SMS messaging by connecting with your customers anytime, with any message. Use our Virtual Queueing solution to build a list of customers and use our SMS Marketing tool to send them messages anytime. You create the messages and you send them whenever you want. We'll even help you send them to the right category of people.

Create a fully contactless experience by collecting orders and payment over SMS before your customers arrive. Payments are processed safely and securely through our partner SQUARE. Take advantage of a lower card processing fee for charges initiated over SMS.

  • Up to 10 services per account (Tax Accessors, Water Department, DMV, etc)

  • A monthly limit of 5000 visitors across your services and you can carry forward unused messages to the consecutive months within the same year

  • Pay-By-Text for all your payment needs (using a merchant account with our partner SQUARE)

  • Enable curbside pick up for any document/forms pickups

  • SMS messaging platform to keep your customers informed

  • ($1000 one-time sign-up fee + $0.02 for each visitor over your base account limit)