Solutions for your restaurant

For less than $1 a day, you can offer curbside pickup or takeout for your business AND gain access to our SMS marketing platform to promote your business, anytime to your customer list effectively.

How will you compete with the national chains that have all pivoted to takeout service?

Use our SMS Marketing tool to send your customers special deals and offers or just to remind them about your restaurant. Having a direct line with your customers will encourage them to order from you directly and not through a marketplace.

Enable our SMS based Curbside Pickup solution today. It works great for phone ahead takeout orders as well. Use it in conjunction with your existing ordering system to let customers know when their order is ready and when they should come pick it up. It's a great solution for restaurants who want a modern solution to keep their customers close and informed.

Unlock the power of SMS marketing by connecting with your customers anytime, with any message. Use our Curbside Pickup solution to build a list of customers and use our SMS Marketing tool to send them messages anytime. You create the messages and you send them whenever you want. We'll even help you send them to the right people.

Grow direct orders when using the Curbside Pickup SMS Solution in partnership with our SMS Marketing Platform.

Here’s how it works: When you take an order over the phone, enter the customer’s cell number into the Curbside Pickup SMS Solution. Use it to let the customer know when their order is ready. You now have your customers cell number in your database.

Whenever you want to send an advertising or marketing message to your customers, you can do so with our SMS Marketing Platform. The more you stay in touch with them, the more likely they are to order directly from you.