OFFER curbside pickup and takeout TODAY

Let your customer know when their order is ready over SMS and build a list to market to them using our SMS marketing solutions.

Build a valuable, loyal relationship with your customers so that they order directly from you and not a 3rd party service. Instantly increase your profits today.

Take a phone or online order as you do today. In your Q-in dashboard, you enter the customers cell phone number, order number and estimated time. The system then automatically sends an SMS to the customer with a link for them to pay.

When the order is ready, you go back into the QU-in dashboard and click READY and a 2nd SMS is automatically send to the customer.

Don't have room for curbside pickup? Q-IN allows any business to offer contactless, curbside pickup today.

Users receive an SMS message with an estimated wait time when their order is placed with you over the phone or however you take orders. When their order is ready, Q-IN will send a second SMS telling them to come in and pick it up. If you want to offer curbside delivery, you can enable an option to let them alert you when they arrive.

The best part is, you only pay for the notifications you use.


From casual to fine dining, offers an elegant and efficient solution to keep your customers informed and let them know when their order is ready for pick up in-store or curbside with no investment in additional space. Learn More

Shops and Stores

Our system lets users communicate back to you when they have arrived so you can bring their order out to them if you want. Learn More

Shopping malls

Create convenience for your customers.