Virtual Queueing and Capacity Management

replace physical lines with SAFER virtual Ones

Keep your customers safe and give them back time to do other things.

Use our SMS or App based solution to allow people to grab a place in line without having to stand in line.

Users send an SMS message to your phone number to instantly grab a virtual place in line. They will receive an SMS back with their number and estimated wait time. They will receive another SMS when it's their turn. Places in line are automatically generated by our system and you manually call the next person when you have availability. It's that simple.

Shopping Malls and Special events

Using Q-IN, people don't have to wait in line for special events like photos with Santa and can instead be visiting your stores. Learn More

College Campus

From gyms, to libraries to the registrar office and student union. Give students a safe way to wait for services on campus. Learn More


Say goodbye to spending all day at the DMV. Grab a virtual place in line from anywhere and only be in the DMV when it's your turn. Learn More


Allow your customers to wait safely and comfortably in their car or any other place instead of on a physical line outside your store. They will thank you. Learn More

Elections and Polling Places

People shouldn't have to stand in line for hours to exercise their right to vote. Learn More

Events - Concession Stands

Offer the convenience of letting customers walk up and order food and drinks without having to stand on line and miss the action. Learn More

Medical offices

Let your customers wait anywhere but the waiting room before their appointment. Learn More

REal estate

Use Q-IN to help run an open house safely and orderly. Let visitors grab a virtual place in line and show the house safely, one group at a time. Learn More